Monday, May 6, 2013


After a lovely weekend with the hubby at a B&B in Bentonville, Arkansas we had our usual post-stay breakdown of the visit.  We rank the B&B with the other ones we've stayed in, we compare the price of what it actually was to what we think is fair, we talk about the furnishings, the food, the location, proximity to things to do, great restaurants, quietness of the B&B, etc. 

He asked me what my top three favorite B&Bs are.  Well, I'm only 32, and I had a hard time narrowing it down and even remembering where all we've stayed. 

I have similar problems when we're doing our post-cruise analysis. 

I also have tons of pictures from many of these experiences that I say I will one day put in a photo album, but it has yet to happen. 

Based on all of the above, I have decided to start this blog as a place to document our travels, keep track of my favorite places, cruises, hikes, restaurants, etc.  And as a bonus, maybe my travel blog will help other people plan their future vacations.

Cheers to a new blogging adventure!

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  1. Boo. I left a comment here the day you told me about the blog. Cheers indeed. Welcome to blogger land!