Thursday, October 19, 2017

20 Weeks! Halfway!

Originally written October 5, 2017

Size of Baby: Baby J is the size of a banana, 6.5 inches and 10.1 ounces in weight! Yesterday at the anatomy scan, they were estimating Baby J actually weighs 12 ounces right now.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 172.5 , up 12.5 pounds so far. Yesterday at my 20 week check-up with Dr. Martin, I asked if I was in the normal ballpark for weight gain at this point, and she said yes. So I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing.

Best Thing This Week: Seeing our beautiful baby girl at the anatomy scan. She kicked, flinched, and flung an arm around, possibly in reaction to the ultrasound wand pressing on her. And we got to see a zoom in on her little nose and upper lip. I know I'm biased, but it was the most beautiful little upper lip I've ever seen.

Maternity Clothes: I finally feel comfortable wearing some more form-fitting things that show I actually have a bump. Yesterday I sported a black t-shirt dress with a big, light yellow scarf draped around my shoulders and down my belly.

Movement: I have felt baby a couple of times this week. One afternoon I got hungry around 3:30, so Ashley and I walked to Arby's to get mozzarella sticks. As soon as I ate them, I felt baby girl kick quite a bit. Right before the appointment on Wednesday Ashley grabbed me a grilled cheese sandwich, as soon as I finished eating, she gave me a few kicks, which was so comforting on my way to the doctor appointment. On Thursday, the day after the appointment I felt Baby a lot. I think it's because I had just seen her.

What I Miss: Sleeping on my back. My hips are getting sore in the night from being on my side.

Cravings: Bean and cheese tacos. Over the last 2 weeks, I've probably gone through 10 cans of refried beans.

Symptoms: Heartburn. The wrist brace from Amazon has been helping with the carpal tunnel.

Best Moment this Week: Getting a good report from the maternal fetal medicine doctor.

What the Doctor Said this Week: Baby girl looks healthy. She was in the 39th percentile for size at 20 weeks, which is perfect. He said ideally you would want somewhere between 10-80th percentile. If she stays on this projectile, she should weigh between 7 and 7.5 pounds at birth.

He told me I have an anterior placenta, meaning it's in the front. There is nothing wrong with this, it's like being left handed or right handed. It just means that I'm not going to feel baby as soon as people with a placenta located elsewhere. When she kicks or moves it has to be strong enough to go through the placenta, uterus and then up to my skin.

Through the last 5+ years, I've collected a few outfits for our baby. My gut intuition that I would have a little girl has ended up being correct.

Moments with Dave: Camping while pregnant! We finally had the perfect weather the weekend of September 29th to go camping, so we went for it. Not only was it special, because it was our first time camping while pregnant. But when we woke up on the morning of September 30th to enjoy the sunrise, we also got to remember our first Baby J who would have been celebrating their first birthday with us if they had made it through the pregnancy and been born on their due date, September 30, 2016. We didn't really get sad, but we talked about how excited we were when we had our very first positive pregnancy test in January of 2016. We were soooo surprised and didn't imagine anything wrong happening with that pregnancy. We were just 100% delighted.

Here are the pictures from our camping trip.

What I'm Looking Forward To: Seeing all of my family in Houston and going on Dave's and my last big trip together before baby girl arrives!

Verse I'm Clinging to this Week: I was super anxious about the anatomy scan this week. So I carried this in my heart all week leading up to it.

Monday, October 2, 2017

10 Weeks

Originally written Friday, August 4, 2017

Size of Baby: Baby J is the size of a strawberry and as long as 1.18 inches!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 163.0, up 3 lbs so far. I really wanted to stay within the recommended 1-5 pound weight gain for first trimester. So hopefully this slows down a bit, because I don't think first trimester is officially over till 14 weeks.

Maternity Clothes: Usually we get to wear jeans at work. But this week, our VP of Tax came in from Houston, so we had to wear business casual. I managed to wear a dress the first day, but Wednesday I wanted to wear pants. I quickly realized Tuesday night that I couldn't button most of my work pants. I messaged Melissa and told her what was going on. I messaged Jess and asked how the rubberband trick works. Luckily I found a pair of black slacks that had 2 buttons, and even though I couldn't button the top one, I was able to button the bottom one.

Movement: It's still too early to feel the baby.

Sleep: My dreams continue to be crazy. And most nights I'm not getting 8 hours of sleep due to the bathroom wake-ups.

What I Miss: The girls were talking about maybe doing sushi for next month's dinner club, and at that moment I missed sushi.

Cravings: Rotisserie Chicken. Poor Dave got in trouble this week, because he didn't get a text I sent him about stopping for a rotisserie chicken on his way home from the gym.

Symptoms: I threw up for the very first time in this pregnancy this week. I was sharing a hotel room with 4 of my girlfriends in OKC. We had a great evening, first walking from our hotel room to Jazmo's for some Cajun food. We then had to run back to the cars to head to the brewery cause we left a credit card there, and they closed at 9. We met back up in the room, and after a bit, we headed back outside to walk to the Riverboat stand. Along that walk, I got overheated and needed to sit down for a minute. Honestly, after that I didn't rebound. By the time we made it to the riverboat stand, I was pouring water on my head and down my back. There were so many different sounds (music coming from various bars), many smells (the worst of which was funnel cake) and it was hot. I survived the riverboat ride, but I did start crying at one point, when the driver started spinning the boat. I made it all the way back to the hotel room, where the girls spoiled me and put icy washcloths on my forehead and neck. We watched a little SNL, and I was feeling back to normal. And then...I brushed my teeth. I immediately had excess saliva and not 10 seconds later lost my whole dinner in the bathroom I was sharing with my friends at the Residence Inn Marriott in OKC Bricktown.

Best Moment this Week: I've had so many great moments this week. I got to tell Adri, Anna and Lauren when we were in OKC for our girl's trip. Their reaction is some of my favorites so far. Megan and I came up with the clue word of "pineapple." Whenever I started talking about pineapple she would start videoing the conversation. I first tried at dinner Friday night, but our food came out while I was about to spill my guts. Saturday morning we were planning our day and talking about the brewery. All of a sudden I said "I wonder if they have pineapple beer there." The reveal came out amazingly after that. Adri was scrolling on her phone looking at the beers, and I kept saying, "nope, can't have that one. not that one either." Finally I said "Man, do they not have any beers pregnant people can drink?" It took the girls about 5 seconds before they got it, but then their reaction was priceless. I have watched that video over and over again.

I also got to tell Eva and Carolyn over the phone :)

Moments with Dave this Week: I've had some bumps around my belly button, that I thought were zits, but now I think they are in-grown hairs (either way, I think they are hormone related, cause I've never had this many red spots right on my belly). I usually use a Noxzema pad when I'm having zits, so I was swiping one all around my belly button yesterday morning. Dave stopped me and asked if that was ok for the baby. I shrugged, cause I wasn't sure. He called me later that morning and had googled it at work. There are mixed reviews on whether that sinks in past the initial skin layer, but the fact that he cared and looked it up on his own made my heart swell.

Milestones: Double digits week!!!! I woke up so happy that we are finally 10 weeks pregnant :)

What I'm Looking Forward To: Our next appointment on August 9!

Favorite Quote from a Stranger this Week: I got to tell our waiter at Jazmo's that I would like a Shirley Temple. He was encouraging me to get a cocktail, but I told him I was pregnant. I loved it! Not a favorite quote from a stranger, but an interaction with a stranger nonetheless.

What the Doctor Said this Week: N/A Next doctor appointment is August 9!

Weirdest Thing I ate this Week: Meal-wise, probably dinner last night. I feel horrible admitting it, but I had chips with salsa followed by trail mix. Nothing else sounded good. And I had feasted on some mustard potato salad around 4:30, so I wasn't all that hungry.

Verse I'm Clinging to this Week: Psalm 27:14 - I've been singing the Castle Hills school song in my head quite a bit this week. I just love it. "They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount up with wings as eagles! They shall walk and not be weary, they shall run and not faint. Teach me Lord, Teach me Lord to wait." Well, He sure has done that. And now that I'm on the other side, I'm super grateful for all of the friendships, lessons and fires I've walked through in the last 5 years. It gave me an appreciation for not only motherhood and parenthood, but also for not having kids, and specifically not having kids not by choice. There are people out there who never will get what their heart desires. And I believe it's possible to be happy anyway. God has given each of us something, probably many things, that we can really delight in. It's up to us to do so.

These are the pictures we took the night of July 27th after our walk. I was so bloated. The first one is normal, and the second one is me sucking in. I feel drastically less bloated when I wake up in the mornings, so the first picture from this post is Friday morning, July 28 :)

Friday, September 29, 2017

18 and 19 Weeks

Originally written September 21, 2017....and September 28, 2017

Size of Baby: Week 18 - Baby J is the size of an artichoke, 5.59 inches and 6.70 ounces in weight!

Week 19 - Baby J is the size of a mango, 5.98 inches and 8.50 ounces in weight. Over half a pound now!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Week 18 - 171.5 , up 11.5 pounds so far. I still feel somewhat normal when I wake up in the morning. But by the end of the day, my bump is quite out there.

Week 19 - 171.5, holding steady at 11.5 pounds so far. I no longer feel normal when I wake up in the morning :) The bump is there first thing. Pre-workout photo this morning!

Shocking Thing Week 18: Seeing my reflection in mirrors and windows. I look pregnant now.

Shocking Thing Week 19: We went to Buy Buy Baby Sunday to look at 3 things...gliders, cribs and car seats. And we got to park in the "Expecting mother" parking spot. It felt kinda funny, because we were headed to the gym right after and perfectly capable of walking far, but we took one of the 20 spots labeled like that anyway.

Maternity Clothes: Half and half. All pants are maternity pants. I'm mostly wearing normal dresses. Work maternity tops are still too big. And my normal work tops are tight in the boobs. I'm in the awkward in between stage on the tops.

Movement: No! And I'm SOOOO ready to feel my baby.

Sleep: So-so. Some nights I sleep really hard and wake up to use the restroom only twice. Other nights I've had a hard time going back to sleep after the 3am-ish bathroom break. One night during the 19th week, I woke up at 3:50, couldn't go back to bed so hung out in the living room on the couch. I fell back asleep right at 5, and then Dave's alarm woke me up :) Luckily, that hasn't happened again to that extent.

Pregnancy Myths I'm Busting Left and Right:

1)The pregnancy glow - I don't know what this is. I look in the mirror and see exhaustion every time. I do feel like I've had some good hair days, but other than that, no glow. That is for sure.
2) Energy goes up at 2nd trimester - WHAT? Not at all for me. Are other girls making this up?
3) Nausea goes away after first trimester. - Now I will admit that I don't get randomly nauseous very often anymore. But I still vomit after I brush my teeth every so often. I'm up to 7 times this whole pregnancy, which is nothing compared to a lot of women. And I'm SO grateful for the frequency of my puke sessions. But it sure hasn't gone away in the second trimester. I puked just 2 days ago, at 18.5 weeks pregnant.

Cravings: 18 Weeks - Milk, which is so bizarre to me. I don't even usually like milk. And now cold glasses of milk sound amazing.

19 Weeks - Meat and cheese. Sounds like the baby is craving protein to me :)

Symptoms: Week 18 - Heart burn. I'm munching on antacid chews every so often.

Week 19 - I threw up again this week. Another case of tooth brushing to blame.

Best Moment this Week: Week 18 - We went to the zoo with Debbie and Nathan on September 16 and had a really fun time. I loved seeing all of the little kids and was imagining going at this time next year with our little one.

Week 19 - I had a really really crappy day at work on Monday. Dave called me and said we got a gift from Rita and Eric. I thought he was confused, because they had probably sent a card with Baby Ryan's baby announcement. But sure enough I got home and there were 2 beautifully wrapped gifts. A Texas book! And baby's first piggy bank from my accounting friends :)

What I'm Looking Forward To: The anatomy scan on October 4. I want to see this baby again.

Moments With Dave: I caught him using the Boppy Pregnancy Pillow parts Amanda gave me : )

What the Doctor Said this Week: N/A Next appointments are October 4 - anatomy scan and regular Dr. Martin appointment.

Weirdest Thing I ate this Week: I've eaten tons of popcorn over the last 2 weeks. I stopped and bought myself some fancy cinnamon popcorn and almond toffee popcorn. And some popcorn I had ordered months ago from a coworker's child showed up on my desk - white cheddar!

Verse I'm Clinging to this Week: Still stuck on Psalm 139 - "You knit me together in my mother's womb." God is literally forming this baby daily to His exact specifications.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

9 Weeks

Originally written July 20, 2017

Size of Baby: Baby J is the size of a cherry and as long as .9 inches!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 161.5, so up 1.5 lbs so far. Feeling good in this category. I do feel that I'm eating more, but maybe I'm not. I'm trying to split my meals into 2 each, so that I can eat every 3 hours or so. If I stay on top of my eating and hunger, it really helps with the nausea.

Maternity Clothes: No maternity clothes yet, but I think I've only worn pants one day this week. It really helps that it's summer, because I usually wear a ton of dresses in the summer. I did place my first clothing order with several maternity items in it today! I couldn't help it. Ann Taylor Loft was having 50% off and free shipping. I got a maternity cardigan, a maternity dress, maternity shorts and 2 non-maternity flowy tops. I got 6 pieces for under $130!!!

Movement: It's too early to feel the baby moving. The farther along I've gotten, I get less twinges and pings, which has been nice.

Sleep: My sleep has been pretty good, except for CRAZY dreams. I've gotten used to waking up to pee multiple times per night.

What I Miss: Jimmy Johns! I was craving a sandwich at some point this week and wanted JJ's with extra peppers. But they only serve their sandwiches cold, and Dr. Martin made it very clear not to eat any cold-cuts.

Cravings: Fried Chicken. I stopped Monday after my lash appointment to pick up Chick-Fil-A for lunch and brought it back to the office, and then last night I was craving fried chicken. I also had a cobb salad Monday night at dinner club with lightly fried chicken on it. I am SO glad I'm still able to eat chicken, since I haven't been able to stomach my protein shakes in the morning.

Symptoms: Nausea, Sore Boobs and Very Tender Nipples, A little moody, CRAZY dreams (so detailed, weird people in them, and I usually can remember then). This week I've had a couple headaches. I was worried about it because I never get headaches. But then my Bump update this week mentioned headaches as a symptom during this time because of the surge in hormones.

One symptom I've been having since before I even knew I was pregnant is blurry vision. I have heard of other women having it. But mine can get pretty bad sometimes in the afternoon, especially when I get tired. Apparently, this is normal.

Best Moment this Week: Friday - I received a gift that knocked me over. My friend Tyler sent me a lovely James Avery charm that says "Expect a Miracle." On the back she got it engraved with Baby Jordan.

Moments with Dave this Week: This week Dave has really started being sweet to the belly. He has talked to it, rubbed it and prayed over it. I love it :)

We had the opportunity to hike at Robber's Cave and spend the evening with our friends Jenny and Cody at their lake house in Eufala.

Milestones: Baby J is officially a fetus, no longer an embryo!

What I'm Looking Forward To: Becoming calmer and less anxious as time goes on. This is taking some effort on my part, but it is getting better. I had high anxiety Monday, because I noticed my resting heart rate had dropped 2 beats per minute. But I think it was due to relaxing over the weekend. By Tuesday, my resting average heart rate was back up to 65 bpm. And today it is 64 bpm. After thinking about it, the baby's heartbeat should drop a little by the time we have our next appointment, so it makes sense that mine would drop a bit too. I'm trying my best to pick up my shield of faith, and envision a beautiful, healthy baby being born in February.

Favorite Quote from a Stranger this Week: I can't think of one from a stranger. But I had my annual dermatologist appointment yesterday. She said I have time to have at least 2 more kids. She didn't have her kids till she was 39 and 42, and she loved being pregnant. She is probably almost 6' tall though and maybe 145 pounds :)

What the Doctor Said this Week: N/A Next doctor appointment is August 9!

Weirdest Thing I ate this Week: Nothing too strange that I can think of. I was able to take the Goldfish crackers out of the car for a few days, but this morning they were back with me. I almost threw up while brushing my teeth this morning. It was a tad rough.

I bought myself 2 bagels at Panera Tuesday night at the Myrtle meeting. So I've been eating one half at a time up at the office. Asiago cheese bagel get in my belly!

Verse I'm Clinging to this Week: Ephesians 6:16 "Take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one." I got this from Jesus Calling. On Wednesday, the reading was about fear and anxiety (perfect!) and it talked about the enemy shooting arrows of fear at us. They recommend affirming our trust in Jesus, regardless of how we feel. With persistence, my feelings will eventually fall in line with my faith. Wonderful advice.

Friday, September 15, 2017

17 Weeks!

Originally written September 14, 2017

Size of Baby: Baby J is the size of a pomegranate, 5.12 inches and 5.90 ounces in weight!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 169.5 , up 9.5 pounds so far. I still feel somewhat normal when I wake up in the morning. But by the end of the day, my bump is quite out there.

From early morning this week.

Shocking Thing This Week: This morning as I was getting ready for work, it hit me again. I said "Dave, I just can't believe this is happening." And it's true, I am having such a hard time believing this is happening to us. It feels like I'm living out a dream, and I so desperately want to soak up every second of it. At first I was desperate to make it through the first trimester so there would be diminished chances of miscarriage. But now, at week 17 and I think last week too, I just want to relish every second.

5 years of praying for this very thing to happen and here it is. And this might be TMI, but when I started my period on Mother's Day hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park, I really felt as if the Lord was telling me to let it go, let the dream go. We might not be biological parents, but there will be something very special for us to do with our lives, with another child or friend's children, or something. But I read Him wrong. Really, God was saying, 1 more month. Just 1 more month of waiting. I actually love how our story played out....(today I love it, other times I'm still irritated it didn't happen on our timing...just being honest here.) I love that both Dave and I were able to get to a point of peace about not being parents and still know that life would be good, either way. And I especially love, that now, we are getting to enjoy this gift of pregnancy. So yes, still, 17 weeks into pregnancy, I find it shocking that I am actually pregnant!

Maternity Clothes: I finally feel comfortable wearing some more form-fitting things that show I actually have a bump. Yesterday I sported a black t-shirt dress with a big, light yellow scarf draped around my shoulders and down my belly.

Movement: I'm not sure. Although every once in a while, I think I'll feel something, and then I think, nah, must just be my stomach. What I feel is like little pops of popcorn going off in my lower abdomen, usually along the sides where my ovaries are. Last night when I was sleeping, when I turned from my left side to right side, I felt lots of discomfort in my lower right area. It was either round ligament pains or an angry baby. So I turned back to my left pretty shortly.

Sleep: Eh, it's been hard this week because of my cold. I think I've only had one really great night of sleep.

What I Miss: Coffee. This week was the first week of the pregnancy where I thought coffee smelled SO good again, and I splurged on some decaf at a restaurant on Saturday., day 1 of week 17, I've mixed half a mug of milk with regular coffee at work. It's the first time I've had regular coffee this whole pregnancy.

Cravings: Still caesar salad. I'm trying really hard to eat fruit again. Up to this point, most fruit has just tasted too sweet for me to enjoy it. But I've had a couple bananas and oranges this week.

I could still eat pizza for every meal. Although, I can't say this week I've really craved it.

Symptoms: Most annoying symptom so far, and I can't believe I'm about to admit this. Carpal freakin tunnel! I thought this only happened at the end of pregnancies. But I woke up with a super sore wrist Saturday, and by Monday I was ordering a carpal tunnel wrist brace off Amazon. I can't believe how painful it is.

Best Moment this Week: Saturday, Melissa, Mike and Olivia brought over her playmat and swing that she no longer uses. When I woke up Sunday morning and walked into the relaxation room and saw baby things, my heart literally exploded with fireworks of joy. I spent years not knowing if this day would come.

Milestones: This past week I've had my first cold with baby. It is SO weird to not take anything. Usually I'd be taking Nyquil and probably Dayquil. But now I'm gargling with salt water, doing a nasal spray, drinking tons of water and hot water. Sometimes, just plain hot water, cause I don't want to overdo it on the tea. And sometimes lemon gives me major heart burn. I actually adore all of these pregnancy symptoms. I still can't believe I'm experiencing them!

What I'm Looking Forward To: Enjoying every single day of having this sweet baby in my belly.

Favorite Quote from a Stranger this Week: I got nothing. So I'll go with Something New I've Thought About This Week....registries. Holy toledo, thinking about registering is overwhelming. So I've got a few of my momma friends making me lists. Lists of must-haves and lists of absolutely do not register for x because I never use it.

Also, baby showers! This week both the dates for the San Antonio and Dallas showers have been set. Saturday morning, Dave and I sat down and listed every weekend between now and the end of January. Between our upcoming Utah National Parks trip, having a February baby, which means eliminating the holiday weekends (so Thanksgiving and pretty much all of December) and being a tax accountant (eliminating the first 2 weeks of January), there weren't that many open weekends left. SO CRAZY!

What the Doctor Said this Week: N/A Next appointments are October 4 - anatomy scan and regular Dr. Martin appointment.

Weirdest Thing I ate this Week: Tuesday night I wasn't hungry when I got home from work. But around 8pm, I heated up some frozen meatballs in marinara sauce - alot of them...and I had some frozen mozzarella sticks. That meal was delicious!

What the update said for this week: I swear I thought the people that wrote this were reading my mind when I woke up. The one thing that really stood out is it said "Mom will be having weird dreams." Ugh, yes. Last night I was SO angry in all of my dreams. And most of them had to do with food, and people taking more than their fair share of food we were supposed to be splitting. It's so embarassing. But I swear I woke up from one dream with tears in my eyes I was so mad. I remember screaming in my dream "I'M PREGNANT. I NEED THAT SANDWICH!" :) Weird dreams deluxe.

Verse I'm Clinging to this Week: Psalm 18:32 "It is God who arms me with strength and makes my way perfect."