Monday, July 10, 2017

Stitch Fix Box #1

I've wanted to try Stitch Fix for a long time, but I've always talked myself out of it. Even though I LOVE reading other people's blog posts on what came in their box, and I even bought a couple months for my mom as a birthday gift a couple of years ago.

I finally decided it was time to give it a whirl. My first box was scheduled to arrive July, 10 (today!), but I was pleasantly surprised when it plopped onto my desk Friday morning at work.

When I first opened the box, I was thinking "oh crap, I love everything!" Luckily, by the time I tried everything on, I had narrowed my decision down to 2-3 pieces of clothes.

I had 5 beautiful pieces of clothing in my first Stitch Fix box...a blue and white halter, olive green skinny pants, a flowing floral tank, an elephant print long sleeve blouse and a pink and blue shirt dress.

Piece #1

Pieces #2 and #3

Piece #4

Piece #5

I immediately was able to eliminate piece #5. The dress just wasn't doing anything for me. Even though when I initially saw the print, I liked it, after trying it on with 2 different belts, different layers on top and whirling around my room, I just couldn't do it. It seemed a tad too long for me, and I didn't like the belts I had. Even if I found a better belt, it wouldn't have been my favorite. It was an easy decision.

The olive green skinnies were the next easiest piece to eliminate. They were an elastic waist band, which I would usually love. But the waist seemed just a tad too tight, even though the legs were working, and even in some places seemed to have a tad too much material. I liked that they were an unusual color, but for $88, I just couldn't swing it. And I'd have to lose about 5 lbs for them to fit great in the waist, and that ain't happening! Mailed those bad boys back.

The floral tank was a really hard call. I tried it on with so many things. And I liked how flowy and comfortable it was. But in the end, I couldn't pay $44 for a cotton tank. I swear I've seen so many things like it at Target and/or boutiques in the Tulsa area. So back in the bag it went.

I did keep both the blue halter and the elephant print blouse. The blue halter is my favorite piece. It's just so different and beautiful. It's not form-fitting, but not everything has to be. And I think I can wear it year-round, even though it initially screams summer to me. And elephant print, come on, how could I turn that down? I don't have anything like that blouse. I'll be gladly wearing it to the office, probably tomorrow :)

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Montford Inn - Norman, Oklahoma

Rating System ~ 1-5 Globes. 5 being the best!

Website ~ 

Location ~ Norman, Oklahoma

Date of Stay ~ May 28, 2017

Name of Room ~ Chickasaw Rancher

Price Point ~ $149+

Innkeeper/Staff ~ Phyllis, William and LeeAnn

Breakfast (Quantity, Quality, Dining Times, Shared Tables, Outdoor Seating, etc) ~

Bed Quality (Mattress, Headboard, Squeaky) ~

Linens (Towels and Sheets) ~

Bathroom Amenities/Toiletries Provided ~

Happy Hour/Afternoon Tea/Snacks Provided ~
Sweet wine and chocolate chip cookies were offered in the living room from 5-10pm. There was also a Keurig and granola bars out at all times for guests to enjoy.

Privacy/Ambience/Noise in House ~
The house was really cozy, and we were lucky to enjoy it while it was close to empty. It seemed most of the other guests, while we were there, were staying in the cottages. The ambience was unique in each room. The only thing that was a little off-putting was how creaky the floor was in our room. But I don’t think there is anything the innkeepers can do about that.

My favorite thing about the house was the big front porch with rockers and chairs. There were plenty of games to choose from in the living room, so Dave and I grabbed Boggle, which we love, and played outside on the porch while drinking wine and eating cookies.

Room Amenities ~

Our room had a beautiful fireplace, a great ceiling fan and cable TV.

Parking ~

Things to Do ~ Located right off Main street, Dave and I were able to walk everywhere, including to Campus Corner and walk the University of Oklahoma campus. Sunday morning we got up and ran around the neighborhoods and picked up a trail very close to the house that was great for running and also would have been great for cyclists.

Restaurants/Breweries ~

Scratch. My mom drove me back up to Oklahoma from Texas (because she is amazing! Thanks momma!), and we met Dave at Scratch for lunch. Their menu was full of very unique entries and drinks. I had a lighter option, avocado toast with tomato jam, and I loved it!

Tea Café for boba tea

Sweet Basil for a Thai dinner. It was very good. Dave ordered the yellow curry, and I stole at least a quarter of his bowl.

Overall, we had a wonderful stay in Norman, and I would recommend everyone to stay at The Montford Inn! Better book early if you're going up for a football game. If you're in good walking shape, you could definitely walk from the B&B to the games!